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Music composition, songwriting, song arranging, publishing & licensing new music, creating studio transcriptions, or orchestrations for live performing.

Since it requires at least 15 published works plus contracts to join PRS as a publisher, itself a prerequite for MPA, Riture Digital publishing is upcoming.


Development and solutions for DAWs, plug-ins, sound design/editing, audio analysis applications, music database, website design and media archiving.

A subsidiary/subdivision in statistical modelling/analysis is a possibility; as well as own plug-in line. Current work is based on tenders & client support.


Audio production, recording music for publishing, artist recording, music for media/broadcasting, post production and the record label creative works.

Most label and client projects create opportunities for artist collaboration or creative partnerships, networking and recruitment for session artists.


Riture digital

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- Eric Molaodi, DIR

A warm welcome to the Riture Digital website; please find here information on our products and services.

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